Mark Fonteijn


During my Agility career i use my experience of my work life to get the best out of my students and making them reach the impossible for them. I teach the positive way with different rewarding methods. My priority in Agility is to have fun, but I can also be very competitive when necessary .
When I compete with my dog, I want to get the best out of it, but not at any cost. My dogs health stands prior to anything else, physical health as well as mental health. Whether I am on the course or one of my students or friends, I always try to comment the positive.

I judge since 2013 and i try to get the best out of every team by building fluent courses with a lot of speed. It is important to me that the dog has any
independence and the handler keeps in motion. The difficulty of the course must be felt by the handler but be easy on the dog. I like to challenge the teams by giving them many choices on my courses. My ambition has always been to judge the big FCI competitions. I was one of the judges privileged to judge the European Open in 2019 which makes me extremely proud.


Alexander Beitl

Since 1994 I am addicted to any kind of dog sports. Over the years I have trained puppies, obedience and agility dogs. Since 2002 I am teaching abroad and due to this international experience I was able to gain more knowledge. I have learned so much from all the different agility handlers from all over the world. I participated a couple of times at the FCI Agility World Championships and at the FCI European Open. Since 2011 I am the head coach of the German National Agility Team. Agility took completely over my life and I am still fascinated of this amazing dog sport – as a handler, a trainer and even as a judge.

I wanted to know more about agility and since 2006 I am an agility judge. Only 4  years later I became an international agility judge. Until know I have been judging more than 460 competitions (221 abroad) in more as 30 countries.

I like building courses which are smooth and fluid. In my courses handlers and dogs need to know some good handling skills. My courses are very selective for those who know how to handle the dogs line. In my opinion, the basic agility education for dogs is very important in order to have success at trials and of course in my courses.

Michiel Lazeroms


Dear sheltie fans,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Michiel Lazeroms and I live with my wife Ingrid and our four dogs in a small village in the Netherlands.

When our agility life started it was with our first dog, a beagle.
After lots of fun competitions with three beagles in total, we started to think about a breed a bit more suited for the sport. So our first border collie entered our home and heart quickly followed by more until the extension as where we are now, four in total.

In 2012 I started the course to become an Agility judge, as I am now for quit some years. I even got involved in the training and examination committee in the Netherlands, to train and guide future and current Dutch FCI judges.

During judging it gives me great pleasure to see different handling styles and skills from the different teams. That is the reason why my style of courses are fluent and with a lot of speed.
The goal that I have in mind during designing my course, is try to get the best out of every team, handler has to work and for the dog fluent and save ways.
There by I like to challenge the team by giving them several options.

Some Dutch judging experiences:
AWC qualifications 2015 / 2019
EO qualifications 2019 / 2020
Dutch Championships 2017 / 2019
Dutch promotion competitions


Some of the International judging experiences:
Great Britain: Dogs in Need 2015
Norway: Sandefjord Hundeklubb 2018
Belgium: Lots of competitions from 2015 until now
Czech Republik: Dogfriends Fitmin Cup 2020
Denmark: KAF Sensommer Cup 2021


Here by I would also take the opportunity to thank the ISAC organization for the invitation at this event.
I am looking forward to see you at the competition!

Michiel Lazeroms


FCI judge


Tamas Traj

More information will follow soon