This competition is organized under auspices of the “Dutch Sheltie Association (NSV)” and the "Dutch Kennelclub Raad van Beheer" and will be run according to the FCI rules of 2023.


  • The team part takes place on Friday.
  • The team event is held in the categories Small and Medium (Intermediate will run in the Medium category at their own height of 50cm).
  • No mixed heights in a team (exception is intermediate which will run in medium)
  • Teams in all height categories consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 handler and dog teams.
  • Mixed Country Teams may also compete (a team composed of members from different countries).
  • Different FCI grades within the team is allowed, but a dog can only participate in 1 team.
  • the team event consists of one agility and one jumping course..
  • For each round, competitors will be ranked according to faults and time. The first placed handler and dog will receive points according to the number of competitors in that round (= number of Teams x 4), the second placed handler and dog team will receive one point less, the third placed team 2 points less and so on. A disqualification receives 0 points.
  • The points of the 3 best runs of each Team in each course (agility / Jumping) will be added together and will determine the overall winning team.
  •  In the case of a tie, the points of the 4th Team member will be taken into consideration.


  • The qualification for the individual final held on Saturday
  • The individual event will be run in the FCI categories: Small and Medium.
  • the individual event consists of one agility and one jumping course.
  • The intermediate class will compete in the medium category at the intermediate jump height (50 cm).
  • In the qualification rounds there is one agility and one jumping run in all 2 heights categories.
  • For each round, competitors will be ranked according to faults and time.
  • In both categories and per grade the top 8% of the Agility as well as the top 8% of the Jumping round will have qualified for the Grand final.
  • In both categories and per grade the top 5% of the combined results (agility and jumping together), will qualify for the “Grand Final”.
  • When a handler/dog team is qualified multiple times, the place will move to the next one participant from the combined results of both courses.

On Sunday, a bonus final will be run in the morning. Any combination that did not qualify for the “Grand Final” will be able to run in the bonus final.
This bonus final consists of one jumping course. The winner per height category / grade qualifies for the final spot in the GRAND FINALE
The GRAND FINAL will be held in the afternoon.
Everyone who has qualified for this runs 1 Agility course . The winner of The GRAND FINAL agility course will earn the title “International Sheltie Agility Champion 2023”.