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Maximum number of participants reached

We have reached the maximum number of participants.
Registration has closed.

We will publish a participants list and a reserve list, but this will take time. First we need to process the registrations, filter duplicates, sort out the payments, correct mistakes, process e-mail errors, add information that people supplied after registration, handle late requests for the buffet including separate payments, and answer all the questions that you emailed us (there are many!).

So please give us time to process everything properly. We understand that everyone is anxious to know if they made the list, but this takes a lot of time. The list will be published when it is ready, but be patient.

Maximum number of participants

The maximum number of participants for the championship is 450. We have almost reached this target. Any entries past this number will be placed on the reserve list. When we receive cancellations, registrations from the reserve list will be moved to the participants list.

Note: the order of registration is dependent on the date of payment!

Confirmation of your registration by E-mail

The confirmation of your registration is sent automatically by email, normally within a few minutes after registration.

If you have not received this confirmation email, first check the spambox of your email program. Especially if you use a Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook account.

If after 24 hours, you still haven’t received a confirmation email, please contact:


When you register, you can specify that you want to participate in the team competition. You can either specify the name of your team, or you indicate that you have no preference for a team. In that case, the organization will assign you to a team.

Please note that all members of a team must fall into the same class. So either all small or all medium, but not mixed!